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This page is designed to help our Comunity understand what responsibilities those involved in the Church hold. Questions or concerns can now be streamlined to the correct individual.

Pastor Judy Cramer

             Administrative Council

Chairperson Carl Conrad

 Lay Leader Karl Haught

Recording Secretary Sherryl Sheets

Treasurer Gypsy Stultz

Financial Secretary Jim Gray

Church Historian Gypsy Stultz

Finance Committee Chair Roxie Nauman

Trustee Chair Jesse Conrad

REAP Rep Sherryl Sheets

N.O.W Chair Sherry Haught/ Casey Daum

N.O.W. Committee (Nurture, Outreach, Witness)


Brad Besst, Sherryl Sheets, Roxie Nauman , Bob Nauman, Dave Romo, Marla Gordon, Casey Daum, Judy Gray, Sylivia Zimmerman,  Sherry Haught, Lowell Fitzpatrick, Helga Waldrop

Funeral Dinner Coordinator Judy Gray

Church School Team

Adult Class Karl Haught

Youth and Children Volunteer team

Youth Group 

  Volunteer team
Pastor Judy